Welcome to my HH universe. My goal is to share and encourage holistic, healthy, and fulfilling eating habits to you, your friends, your loved ones, and anyone really who is looking to feel better inside and out.

My blog isn't about dieting, it is about finding your optimum and best health with food, and finding inner peace with yourself and your body. The recipes I prepare and share, I believe, will leave you feeling energized, happy, and will lead to a healthier relationship with food.

I am also a firm believer that food should be and is our preventative medicine, it protects us, and heals us. 

This is my passion, what I love, what makes me happy, and I am so grateful, that I just want to share as much as I can with you.

It's the good kind of contagious! you'll see.

I am interested in different areas with regards to health, cuisine, and lifestyle. So below, you will find the different ways we could work together to spread our love for food and health. 

EDUCATE: I am a certified holistic nutritionist. I love encouraging and teaching people about nutrition, unfamiliar ingredients, and what it takes to eat healthier, without it being boring, but rather enjoyable and a life changing experience. If you work for the Government, an association, a school, and you're looking for someone to talk to your peers, family, colleagues about nutrition, I'm your gal.  

COOKING CLASSES: another way to continue in the education realm, would be via private or group cooking classes. I would love the opportunity to show you and teach you how wonderful cooking is, how fun, how engaging and how rewarding it is on both a physical and psychological level. 

RECIPE CREATION: If you're looking for fun, vibrant and healthy new ways to introduce your products, I can help with that. I create recipes using your brand, giving your brand exposure, and helping you find new innovative ways to integrate your product. 

BRAND AMBASSADOR: I love all things healthy, natural, organic. So if you are looking for a passionate, compassionate, positive brand ambassador, (who can speak english, french, arabic and spanish, might I add,) I would love to try your product and discuss the possibility of becoming your next brand ambassador.