Hello & welcome!

My name is Sarah Lea Safarian & I am the creator of the wellness world of Humbly Healthy (HH). 

I am thrilled to have you here, and would like to share a little bit about myself with you. 

I am originally half Emirati (Dubai, UAE) & half Lebanese. I grew up in Dubai for 17 years where I went to the French school, before moving to Boston to pursue my bachelor's degree in Marketing & Finance at Boston University's School of Management. 

I then worked in New York for 2 years in the hospitality industry, before moving back to Dubai for 3 years where I worked for companies such as L'Oreal, General Electric (GE), etc. 

However, something always seemed to be missing, there was a void inside me that I was looking to fill, but had been unable to. I was looking for passion, for love, and was determined to fight for it. 

So, I decided to move to Paris to attend Ferrandi, the renowned National Culinary School of Art. I had always been curious about cuisine, food, and was looking to tap into this curiosity further. 

After my program completion at Ferrandi, I did an internship at La Guinguette D'Angele, a vibrant, energetic, health conscious restaurant & boutique in Paris, where my knowledge and love for healthy, plant-based, gluten-free, and vegan food grew. 

I then went on to pursue my masters as I wished to gain further insight into the world of project management and entrepreneurship, and at the same time decided to create my humblyhealthy blog to continue my culinary exploration.

I recently completed my masters degree and am now working on HumblyHealthy full-time so that we continue to grow as a community together.

HumblyHealthy has grown so much since September of 2016, and I am so honored to have you all on this journey towards better health and happiness with me.  

My mission is to empower you to make healthier choices, to love yourself and your body, to be more mindful and positive. 

I wish to help you achieve:






Thank you for reading & for your visit. I hope you leave feeling happier and motivated to take care of YOU. 


Sarah Safarian




My Values

Be grateful. 

Be humble. 

Be kind to yourself, and others. 

Be respectful. 

Be positive.

Be mindful.

There is always a solution to be found.