Overnight Acai Porridge

I am proud to announce a new partnership, with Ambrosiae The Uberfood. I love their products, that are whole natural, gluten-free, plant-based, and vegan. 

I am testing out the lovely goody box I received from them, and here is one of the first creations: The Acai Overnight Porridge bowl. 

5 mins prep

Let it sit overnight 

Serves 1 person 


All you need is:

  • 50g of ambrosiae porridge mix 
  • 90ml almond milk 
  • 1 tsp acai 

Add ingredients mentioned above and mix well.

Let it sit overnight in an airtight container or covered bowl. 

Next add the toppings of your choice. 


Topping suggestions: 

  • The Acai Proteica Ambrosiae Bar seen above 
  • The Ambosiae Acai Buckwheat Muesli you see on the right hand side of the bowl for some added crunch 
  • Sliced fresh banana 
  • Pumpkin seeds 
  • Pomegranate