5 Superfoods & 5 things to know

Hello friends, 

So I have been getting questions lately, such as:

What is maca? Why is acai good for me? 

So I decided to feature 5 superfoods in this post, and highlight 5 of their main health benefits. 

I hope this will be helpful, and educational.

Please do write to me and comment below if you would like to see something else, more of something, or if you have any questions at all. Do not hesitate, that is what I am here for; to help you on your journey to health and to empowerment through your knowledge about food, and more specifically plant-based nutrition. 

The best project you will ever work on is you. - Dr. Isabella Tausz


1. Acai = one of the healthiest berries ever; from the Amazon, Brazil. Super exotic.

  • Promotes heart health & a healthy libido
  • Supports immune system & mental function
  • Can promote weight loss & helps digestion
  • Reduces respiratory irritations 
  • has anti-aging properties

2. Matchahigh quality green tea that has a long-standing reputation in Japan

  • It is so unbelievably high in antioxidants. 1 serving has 5 times the antioxidants, compared to any other antioxidant rich foods; It is loaded with Catechin EGCg, which helps fight against cancer
  • It enhances calm and relaxation, while remaining alert
  • It boosts memory and concentration and energy
  • It helps body burn fat 4x faster than average
  • It helps detoxify the body and boosts our immune system

3. Spirulina = a blue-green algae, a freshwater plant, that is one of the most renowned superfoods.

  • it rids your body of heavy metals & helps restore intestinal flora
  • helps prevent cancer
  • lowers blood pressure & cholesterol
  • boosts energy
  • can help with weight loss, amongst many other qualities

4. Maca = superfood from Peru from a root vegetable, that kindof looks like a pear

  • It is an aphrodisiac & increases female and masculin fertility
  • It can reduce and apease unwanted menopause symptoms 
  • It boosts and supports your immune system 
  • It can help alleviate symptoms for those who suffer from depression, anxiety, stress
  • It is a brain activator and mental health fortifier

5. Cacao = Raw is what we want here; and yes, it is chocolate. 

  • A major joy promotor! Get your happy teaspoon!
  • An aphrodisiac 
  • Promotes heart health and prevents cardiovascular disease
  • Balances hormonal mood swings
  • Provides energy and helps combat fatigue